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The City of Dayton Ohio

What do you get when you combine a thriving metropolitan area, a great location with direct flights from major hubs, and an affordable cost of living? You get Dayton Ohio!

Not to be confused with its opposite number in Ohio – Cincinnati – Dayton is a city that is not afraid to be different. They're trying new things all the time and their persistence is paying off.

Dayton Ohio has a long history of innovation and creation that continues to this day. They have been called the city of firsts, as they were home to many inventions that we know and love today: the cash register, the automobile speedometer, and airplane flight control all come from Dayton Ohio!

While the city has since diversified into many other industries, these three contributions to modern society are forever linked with Dayton.

The city is also very family-friendly and affordable! Even if you're not a fan of the outdoors, there are still plenty of things for you to do. From concerts under the stars at Carillon Park to the one-of-a-kind Air Force Museum, there are plenty of sights to see.

So take a chance on Dayton Ohio and you won't regret it. But don't forget to include Baker Heating & Cooling on your list when your heating and cooling system failed!




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