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Carillon Historical Park of Dayton

The Carillon Historical Park is located in Dayton, Ohio, and it includes many beautiful buildings that were used during the early twentieth century. Some of these old buildings are the 1913 Wright Cycle Company building, the 1914 Huffman Prairie Flying Field hangar, and the 1917 Huffman Dam. There are also some other great attractions inside this park such as the 1927 Wright Company Administration Building and the 1929 Wilbur Wright Birthplace cottage.

Of all of these buildings, one that is a must-see for any aviation buff is the Huffman Prairie Flying Field hangar. This building was used as a storage facility at first, but it soon became a place where early experiments were conducted with flight. It was here that pilots flew the world's first practical fixed-wing aircraft, which remains the standard for flight instruction today.

However, Dayton is not only a great city for aviation enthusiasts. It is also home to many other museums and landmarks that will interest everyone who visits. The Carillon Historical Park is located on 450 acres of land in the middle of Dayton; it would be pointless to drive that far into the city and not explore it.

If you are coming to Dayton specifically for the Carillon Historical Park, do not forget to explore the rest of the city as well as visit  Baker Heating & Cooling for all of your cooling and heating needs!


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